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I’m Gulnara Shafikova, the author, recipe developer, and photographer behind the Fooditation blog. I grew up in an Asian part of Russia, the area which is stunningly beautiful and boasts a unique blend of Turkic and Slavic, both in culture and food. I lived in the US for many years before making my home in Canada, in London, Ontario (south-west of Toronto).

With so much exposure to various cultures and foods, it was inevitable that food will become my passion. I founded my first blog in 2009 with recipes going back to 2007, but mostly, it was dedicated to travel (another one of my passions). The blog’s focus started shifting to food and cooking as with time, my cooking style developed from following recipes to adapting them to devising new ones. So it was the time to reinvent and Fooditaion was born. Currently, Fooditation has over 250 recipes and I’m hoping its readership and recipe collection will grow.

What Does Fooditation Mean?

The word fooditation (masterfully coined by my linguistically-inclined husband) is a call to mindful approach to cooking and eating. I believe that food is more than plain nutrition. It is a way to create, connect, feel, and think. Too often, we are too busy to make meals our priority. Not dedicating time to thinking through what to prepare, we reach for the fastest solution, which is not necessarily the healthiest. Our bodies feed and fuel our minds, so the quality of meals cannot be underestimated. Food is truly <em>something</em> that works for everyone, has no borders, brings us together. Why don’t we stop chasing the elusive, slow down, cook, enjoy.

What’s Fooditation About?

Have I mentioned, I love food and I love making great food? The recipes I pick to adapt and / or create


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