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Light Italian Dinner for 8

Antipasti Store-bought Bruschetta w Goat Cheese and Calabrese / Ciabatta Goat Cheese Torta Store-bought antipasti Primo Bazil and Parmesan Orzo Secundi  Red bell peppers grilled / baked w shrimp  Proscuitto-wrapped Asparagus Grilled chicken with SpinachContinue reading


Casual Dinner for 6

Shrimp w sauce avocado dip w chiabatta bread vegetable dip w tortilla chips Salads: tomato and mozarella strawberry spinach Main Dish: Salmon w puff hearts  Crunchy couscous Dessert:  Meringue Terrine

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Casual Dinner for 6-8

Appetizers: dip and pita chips avocado dip and rye bread  blue cheese & chutney crackers Main Dish: Steak Rolls Florentine Sides & Salads Brown Rice and Edamame Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts in Dijon Sauce TomatoContinue reading