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Chantilly Cream

Chantilly Cream over raspberries.Photo credit: http://www.domainedechantilly.com/sites/default/files/M.Savart-IMGdessert.JPG One cannot leave Chantilly without trying the Chantilly cream. Each village in France has its own culinary traditions and specialties, with Chantilly being no exception – this is anContinue reading

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Gascony Menu for 8

Aperitif Kir Roayal Salad Salad Languedoc – cured duck salad (greens, pine nuts, sliced duck breast)  Foie Gras Main  Cassoulet / Duck Orange / Roasted duck with potato wedges Dessert Flan / Armagnac steeped prunes


Sauerkraut is faux pas

Ok, with the weather getting chilly, my brain gives out a signal screaming for comfort food. A very common Russian винегрет would do it. Nor problem making it, really, IF you manage to find sauerkraut.Continue reading